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What I've been reading


I didn't know what to do with this resources page so I decided to share my favorite books that I've read lately. LMK if you've read anything good and also, get yourself a Goodreads and follow me @sarasherburne. Yes, my profile picture is from when I was 11 years old. No, I will not be changing it, ever. 

By Lulu Miller

This is my favorite book I've read in a while. ​Part memoir, part biography of an 1800s/1900s fish taxonomist, part scientific intrigue, all about how to persevere in a world where we are at the whims of a chaotic universe. Lulu Miller is a GODDESS.

By Anne Fadiman

Anyone going into the medical field must read! A pretty incredible journalistic feat that documents the ultimately tragic culture clash between a Hmong family with an epileptic daughter and her American doctors. Also a fascinating look into Hmong culture and history. 

By Mark Doty

Memoir of former neurosurgeon Jim Doty who is now head of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford. It's the story of how a woman  changed his life as a child by setting him on a meditation journey, one that he spent a lifetime of tumult unraveling. Also a practical guide to meditation.

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